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Top 5 High-Quality Heavy Truck Tire Brands

Top 5 High-Quality Heavy Truck Tire Brands

Selecting The Right Heavy Truck Tires

Outfitting your heavy-duty or commercial truck with tires is an important decision that includes several factors when making your selection. Choosing your tires is based on more than just the right size. Installing the appropriate heavy-duty truck tires can save you money if done properly or become a costly mistake if not. Let's look at a few tips that can help you purchase the correct heavy truck tires.


The Right Application

Consider where you travel before selecting the heavy truck tires. Different tread designs and rubber tire construction are specific to where they go. Traveling on long hauls would require a different type of heavy truck tire than one that is primarily used in urban environments. Off-road capability is another factor to consider. Selecting the wrong tire based on your normal route of travel could result in costly premature wear or less traction when it is needed most.


Hauling Weight

While this may seem like an obvious point to consider when picking out tires for a commercial truck, many people disregard this important fact. Making sure your tires are rated for weight compatibility is a must before purchasing.


Other Factors To Consider

If wear on your tires is minimal and the casings are still in great shape, you can save considerable money by retreading your current heavy truck tires. Western Truck and Trailer can handle your retreading needs at their OK Tire Service Centre. Contact them today to see if this is an alternative to complete tire replacement. It's also important to ensure the tires you purchase come with a warranty for any unexpected defects or hazards. Many major brands boast a seven-year warranty that includes up to three retreads.


Top 5 High-Quality Heavy Truck Tire Brands

Investing wisely in the right brand of tire can be just as important as the right type of tire. Western Truck and Trailer has a large inventory of quality, brand-name heavy truck tires to meet your commercial needs.




Bridgestone Tires deliver the complete package with product reliability, quality, and overall satisfaction. Bridgestone offers the best line of tires that also include great casings, ideal for retreading. Their top tire designs include the R2884 Ecopia steer tire, M710 drive tire, M726 ELA drive tire, and R197 trailer tire



Pirelli offers a well-established, 140-year history with leading-edge technology in their line of commercial truck tires. The fifth-largest tire manufacturer in the world, they are also Europe's best-selling commercial truck tire.



Continental Tires are a consistent tire brand you can count on that offers impressive handling and stopping capabilities in any kind of weather. They are best known for their wide footprint that delivers superior traction and optimal stability, as well as consistently even treadwear throughout its life.



Firestone is gunning for the number one, tier-two position in commercial truck tires and with Bridgestone's integrated NanoPro-Tech polymer technology employed in their tire construction, they are on their way. This innovative technology limits energy loss to deliver advanced rolling resistance and optimal fuel efficiency. Their FS591 and FD691 tires are known for a wide, deep tread that delivers long, even wear for longer tread life and less rolling resistance.



Toyo Tires is becoming a leading brand in tire manufacturers with loads of positive feedback from its customers. The combination of top-level performance, versatile application, and a competitive price range make Toyo Tires an affordable alternative with  a lower cost per mile.












Expert Knowledge And Service

The experts at Western Truck and Trailer are ready to help you find the right heavy truck tires. Stop by or call them today to properly equip your commercial truck with tires suited specifically to your needs.


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