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How Reliable are Volvo Heavy Trucks?

How Reliable are Volvo Heavy Trucks?

When it comes to heavy trucks, there are a few things that most people look for when deciding if the truck will be suitable for use. It needs to be able to haul and carry heavy loads, and it needs to be reliable. There are many heavy truck manufacturers in the market today. And because there are so many different trucks to choose from, it can be hard to decide which truck would be more reliable and able to fit your needs. While there are many adequate trucks for sale, none of them compare to the reliability features of a Volvo.



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When Was the Volvo Heavy Truck Created?


In order to keep up with the demands of a fast-growing, industry-driven world, Volvo released its first heavy truck in 1928. The truck was created in Gothenburg, Sweeten. Back then, the two main selling points for he truck were its enclose cab and pneumonic tires.


Because the roads of Sweden could be treacherous back then, Volvo spent the next two years redesigning
the heavy truck in order to make it more versatile able to easily drive in a variety of weather conditions.
They replaced the two rear Axel's with a single axles and widened the frame to make it more stable. This
Simple change helped to make the Volvo's popularity to soar to new heights. It wouldn't be until the late 1950's that the Volvo Heavy truck started to gain popularity in North America. And it was around that time that Volvo introduced its turbocharged engine. People from all over the world instantly fell in love with the big truck's powerful and efficient engine.


Why is the Volvo Heavy Truck so Popular?


When it comes to technology, the Volvo Heavy truck is known as a bit if a pioneer. Since its inception in
he 1920's, Volvo has always been able to stay a step above the rest when it comes to high-tech features.
The Volvo Nuanced Stability Technology was introduced in 2005 and made driving a heavy truck much
more safe. This innovative system is able to predict when an accident is about to occur. If the truck senses that there will be a crash or the truck is about to jackknife, the system will automatically apply the
brakes or reduce the engine speed in order to help prevent an accident.

Some of their trucks also feature an I-Shift feature that eliminates the physically demands of manually
changing gears, which helps to reduce fatigue from the driver.


Volvo Heavy Trucks


Volvo Has Always Been Known as A Reliable Heavy Truck


Today, Volvo owned eight different manufacturing plants and nine different factories that are located
throughout the world. Each one of their manufacturing plants uses only he best and most durable
materials to built their trucks. Today, Volvo's goal is the same as it has always been and that is to make
the toughest and most reliable truck on the market.


Volvo has long been one of Canada's favorite heavy truck manufacturers. If you are looking for a reliable
and dependable truck, contact us today. We have a large selection of Volvo Heavy trucks in Edmonton
and would be happy to show you just how impressive Volvo trucks truly are.



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