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Best Heavy Truck Brands to Buy in 2020

Best Heavy Truck Brands to Buy in 2020

Heavy trucks are ordinarily used to haul extremely large loads and travel great distances. Because these trucks usually have to deal with harsher conditions and circumstances than a light truck will, it is important that a heavy truck has exceptional engineering. From the powerful engine to the rugged and durable body, heavy trucks are some of the toughest vehicles on the road today.


When it comes to heavy truck brands, there are a lot of choices out there. With so many options to choose from, it can be confusing trying to decide which brand would be right for you. While heavy trucks may look very similar to each other on the outside, not all large trucks are created equal. To help you better understand the difference between some of the heavy trucks brands, we have given you an in-depth review of some of the most popular heavy truck rands to help you better decide which truck would best fit your needs.

Kenworth Trucks in Edmonton


Kenworth was established in 1923 when two truck enthusiast named Harry Kent and Edgar Worthington decided to try to build a durable and efficient truck that was sure to meet the needs of several different industries.


Today, Kenworth is known for producing some of the most aerodynamic trucks on the market. Their innovative PACCAR powertrain allows the engine, axles, and transmission to work together in perfect harmony in order to create and smooth and efficient driving experience. They also have a wide range of trucks to choose from. Their medium-duty trucks are specially designed to handle long travel times and their super heavy-duty trucks are capable of towing extremely heavy loads that other trucks may find difficult.

Freightliner Trucks for sale in Edmonton


Freightliner has been selling heavy trucks for over 75 years. Their trucks are known for not only their powerful engines but also for their surprisingly great fuel-efficiency. The medium-duty trucks produce around 200 to 300 horsepower and the severe-duty trucks are capable of producing around 300 horsepower.


The sleeper cab and day cab Freightliners are capable of running on natural gas which allows the truck to be more fuel-efficient. Natural gas is also cleaner burning than diesel fuel.

Peterbilt Trucks in Edmonton


Peterbilt trucks are one of the most popular types of heavy trucks used for commercial use. One of the things that make the Peterbilt so popular is the fact that it offers state-of-the-art safety features Most Peterbilt trucks come equipped with a Smartlinq remote diagnostics system that allows the driver to know if there is any mechanical problem with the truck. There is also a Driver Performance Assistant that is popular with new drivers because it gives them real-time feedback on their driving skills and lets them know if there is anything that they can improve on.

Volvo Trucks in Edmonton


While Volvo has long been known for the cars that they produce, they also have a full line of heavy trucks that are perfect for cross-country trips.


While Volvo trucks have an impressive engine and durable construction, one of the major things that make them so appealing to other drivers is their sleeper cabs. Volvo trucks feature a spacious and luxurious cabin and sleep compartment that gives drivers all of the amenities that they are used to having while they are at home.

Western Star Trucks in Edmonton

Western Star

Western Star is a truck brand that was first created here in Canada over 50 years ago. When the company was first created, its goal was to create a truck that was tough and durable enough to handle the mass demand of the logging industry. The Western Star trucks have a classic design that appeals to a lot of divers.


These trucks have a powerful engine and versatile construction that makes them perfect for a variety of applications.


Find your next Heavy Truck

When it comes to needing a dependable and versatile heavy truck that is capable of handling a wide range of jobs, there is a good chance that we will have just the truck you are looking for. We have a wide selection of heavy trucks for sale.


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