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10 Vital Questions Before Buying a Transport Trailer

10 Vital Questions Before Buying a Transport Trailer

Buying a transport trailer is a major investment and you need to get it right. What should you ask before making your decision?

1) What Do You Need the Trailer For?

The most basic question concerns the purpose of the transport trailer. There are many different types available, including enclosed, open, vehicle transportation, vending, and so on. Buying the most versatile type you can will let you carry a wider range of loads, but it may not be as cost-effective as a more specialized model.

2) Which Extra Features?

Beyond the basic format of the trailer there are many optional features to choose from. Will you need ventilation for an enclosed model? Car doors or ramps? Awning sides? Check out the full range of options before choosing to make sure you get everything you need.


3) What Weight Will You Tow?

It's sensible to buy a trailer with a payload capacity higher than you'll need, to prevent damaging it. However, don't be too generous with capacity. A larger trailer will be heavier to tow even when empty, pushing up your fuel costs even for smaller payloads.

4) Can Your Truck Handle the Weight?

You'll also need to make sure that your truck can easily handle the towing weight of the fully laden trailer. If you're too close to the limit, your truck's engine and transmission will be put under damaging stress.

5) Will You Need Extra Braking?

For smaller trailers and loads, your truck's own braking system should be powerful enough for safe driving. But as payloads get heavier, it's sensible to buy a trailer with its own integrated braking system, to take some of the pressure off your truck.

6) Do the Towing Packages Match?

The connection between your truck and the trailer needs to be strong and stable. Hopefully, your truck will already have a factory-installed towing package. Does the trailer also have one firmly attached to the steel frame for maximum strength?

7) What's the Hitch Weight Class?

The trailer should have a hitch rating capable of towing the weight you plan. Standard hitches come in four classes, with the highest rated for up to 4500kg.

8) Will You Need a Fifth Wheel or Gooseneck Hitch?

For the heaviest trailer loads of between 4,500kg and 11,250kg you'll need either a fifth wheel or gooseneck hitch to provide a stronger attachment. These hitches require couplers or hinged plates to be fitted to the bed of your truck.

9) New or Used?

A new transport trailer will give you all the features you need along with high reliability, but at a price. Buying used can be a bargain, but you should have it thoroughly checked over before buying. Any hidden cracks or other damage could turn into expensive problems.

10) How Will it Affect Your Insurance?

Lastly, hooking up a trailer to your truck may impact your insurance. Smaller trailers may be covered under your current policy, but it's important to check the small print, especially if you're using a larger trailer for commercial purposes.

Answering these questions will put you in a good place for choosing a trailer. But if you need advice on any aspect of buying a trailer in Edmonton, call into our dealership for a friendly, no-pressure chat.

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