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10 Essential Questions to Ask Before Buying a Dump Truck

10 Essential Questions to Ask Before Buying a Dump Truck

Buying a dump truck can be a great investment, but you need to choose wisely to make your money back. Here's what to look for before buying.

1) What's the Dump Box Capacity?

Before choosing a truck, decide how much capacity it'll need to handle your regular work. If it's too small, you'll need to make multiple trips for larger loads, wasting time and money. However, go too large, and your fuel economy will suffer, cutting into your profits for every job.

2) How Much Horsepower is Enough?

Dump truck engines come in a wide range of horsepower ratings, generally between 300hp and 600hp. How much power will you really need?

If you're mainly tackling lighter loads on level terrain, then a less powerful truck will save money. But if you're carrying heavy payloads over steep roads, you'll need something at the higher end of the scale.

3) What's the Weight Rating?

Each truck has a gross vehicle weight rating, or GVWR, supplied by the manufacturer. This tells you how much your truck can safely carry, including payload, fuel, and passengers. It's important that this is high enough for all your typical jobs.

4) How Many Axles?

Local and federal laws limit the weight of a truck based on the number of axles it has. If you're going to be driving on public roads, you need to make sure the truck has enough axles for its GVWR.

5) Manual or Automatic Transmission?

Manual transmission gives flexible performance for shifting different loads under different conditions. However, an automatic transmission is much less tiring to operate, which can be important for longer working days.

6) What's the Dump Box Made Of?

Usually, the dump box will be made out of either aluminum or steel, and both have their good and bad points. Aluminum is lighter, meaning you can carry bigger payloads with lower fuel use. But steel is more durable and better for tough loads like rubble, keeping your truck in better condition for longer.

7) Is There Additional Storage?

If your dumper truck will also be used to transport a work crew to the job site, it's important to check for extra storage. External tool boxes save space in the cabin and also keep valuable equipment protected and secure.

8) Does the Truck Meet All Regulations?

Depending on where you'll be using your truck, you'll need to meet different regulations. For example, in many states your payload must be completely covered by tarpaulin if you're driving on the public highway. Check that the truck meets all your local regulations before making a final decision to buy.

9) New or Used?

A brand-new truck will usually be more reliable, but it will also cost a lot more. A used truck will be less expensive, but check it's in good condition if you want to avoid frequent repair bills and downtime at work.

10) Can You Afford the Insurance?

Lastly, buying a powerful truck may help you get your work done quicker, but the insurance can be punishing. Will insuring a big truck skim off too much of your profits?

If you need advice on any of these questions, visit our Edmonton trucks dealership and we'll help you find the right dumper truck model for your business.

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